CV59SH-D32 Firmware Software Free Download (All Resolutions)


This is our Powerful CV59SH-D32 Three in one Universal, Non-Combo Features WIFI Full HD Panel Screen CV59SH-D32 firmware download Motherboard for today, not just one but all the resolutions of software will be given to you for free. There are many benefits to this board if you can quickly update its CV59SH-D32 software download. This can easily solve many of the problems that occur in your LED LCD. I hope our team has been able to tell you all the details correctly

CV59SH-D32 Firmware Software Free Download (All Resolutions)
CV59SH-D32 Firmware Software Free Download (All Resolutions)

CV59SH-D32 Specifications

Board, NOCV59SH-D32
Mainboard ChipsetTSUMV59XUS-Z1
Makes/BrandNon-Smart 3 in 1 HD Motherboard
Screen Supported Up-toResolution 1920×1080 HD
Flash IC4MB
Display Panel26 to 46-inch Maximum
CV59SH-D32 Service CodeMenu +1147

CV59SH-D32 Firmware Download (All Resolutions)

File NameDownload Link
CV59SH-D32-FUSION FLTV-28C10-V1N08-FirmwareDownload
CV59SH-D32-FUSION 28C10-CX315DLEDM-FirmwareDownload
CV59SH-D32-FUSION FLTV-28C10 V1N07-FirmwareDownload
CV59SH-D32-FUSION FLTV-28C10 (V1N08) 28-inch-FirmwareDownload

Download to the below:


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