CV638H-B42 Firmware Software Free Download (All Resolutions)


So do you want to download it for free right now?. you can gain all resolutions at any time of this CV638H-B42 Software For Free Download. If so, then the complete method of downloading this firmware or any resolution you need is explained in detail in the article below. CV638H-B42 is free of cost Only from here.

Do you need to get this CV638H-B42 software for free right now?. are you, technicians?. If any of your technicians here have come to this site. Or if you are yourself, In both cases, there is a great deal of work to be done with this CV638H-B42 firmware, especially when you are getting such popular firmware for free. CV638H-B42 Is an Analog Combo Universal Controller three in one Led/Lcd With a full HD resolution of the screen main display panel 1366×768 Up to down.

CV638H-B42 Firmware Software Free Download (All Resolutions)
CV638H-B42 Firmware Software Free Download (All Resolutions)

CV638H-B42 Specifications

Panel Number (Main)BOE HV320WHB-N85
Mainboard modelCV638H-B42
Screen Format1080p
Display Supported Up-to1366×768 HD
Product LCD TypeSANYO
Make, BrandSmart HD Functionality Motherboard

CV638H-B42 Software Download (All Resolutions)

File NameDownload Link

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