iSTAR X60000 MEGA Software Download


Let’s make this work possible today so that you can easily download whatever iSTAR X60000 MEGA software you have on this website or for any work. Firmware, Are you ready to download this firmware, So that we can easily understand all your needs and provide you with the software you need. iSTAR X60000 MEGA Firmware For Free Download in this New Latest post. but we also provide you with any Receiver board iSTAR X60000 MEGA software or driver for free on this site.

I am MD Sameer Imran technician. And with the help of today’s new post, I am providing you this iSTAR X60000 MEGA firmware absolutely free. This article is meant to tell you something about Receiver so that you can learn something from it. iSTAR X60000 MEGA Software All Resolution Free Download. About this board, we will also tell you all its technical specifications and features specifics here.

iSTAR X60000 MEGA Software Download

File NameDownload Link
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_Channel ListDownload
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_IP_V19.70_20180106Download
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_IP_V1969_20170811Download
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_V19.90_VFD_IP_10102018Download
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_V2436_LEDF_IP_16032019Download
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_V2436_LEDT_IP_16032019Download
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_V2436_VFD_IP_16032019Download
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_V2729_VFD_IP_06062020Download
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_V2778_VFD_IP_05102020Download
iSTAR_X60000 MEGA_V2928_VFD_IP_20052022Download


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