T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 Dump/Firmware Download (All Resolutions)


If you want to download this software from here, T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 Dump/Firmware Software with an HD screen supported resolution 1920×1080. So you are available across the safe places, only here you can find people to do custom T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 Firmware with custom download method. you are on Repair-Geeks, I created this website specifically to provide you with such free software and to help you a lot. That’s why our method of downloading seems to be the easiest for everyone.

T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 Dump/Firmware Download (All Resolutions)
T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 Dump/Firmware Download (All Resolutions)

T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 Board Specifications

MainboardT.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5
Supported Resolution Up to1920×1080
Brand/ETCChina Universal
Supported LanguagesEnglish/Multiple
Panel Power/Voltage12V
Flash File4MB
File SizeRAR/KBs
Firmware NameBackup Dump
Multiple PortsYes

T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 Dump/Firmware Download

File NameDownload Link
T.MS18VG.72B 12023-Sanyo-42CE530LED-GD25Q32Download
T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 A12294-STV-LC32510WLDownload
T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 A12294-STV-LC32520AWLDownload
T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 A12294-Supra LC32520WLDownload
T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5-STV-LC3295WL-HK315LEDMDownload

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