LION X20 Receiver Software Update


This board has a powerful Android LION X20 mainboard with a large network capacity. So, by selecting the download button for the appropriate resolution, you may quickly download your file. No one has to give you permission for this. There will never be a problem with you getting the LION X20 firmware you want. more files can be found below.

Here, I’ll demonstrate how you can quickly download all of this LION X20 software’s resolutions. This is a present for our new acquaintances. I’ll show you how to download every piece of LION X20 software on this website in addition to explaining how to do it here. A button to watch a video is located below.

LION X20 Receiver Software Update

File NameDownload Link
LION X20_CS8001_5370_24052021Download
LION X20_CS8001_7601_24052021Download
LION X20_MT7601_21072021Download


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